Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spotlight your Art

These lamps have a great story behind them. They were brought in a client who's father had made these ceramic pieces about 30 years ago. Our client decided to museum mount the head and monkey so that they could be better shown off in his father's home.
Museum mounting is a great way to preserve and spotlight your art pieces. It does not require any drilling of the piece for wireways. There is tubing behind the ceramics which our technicians bend to perfectly fit each piece of art. The tubing supports the socket and shade so that it hangs centered over the focal point. We also set these lamps up with the perfect lamp shade and finial through our showroom Lamp Shades San Francisco which is in the same building. The finial on the face lamp is part of a line of finials we carry by a local wood artisan and fits perfectly with the lamp and shade.
It was great to see how happy our client and his father were with the results of this project and it was definately one of our favorites.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bedside Reading Lights

These bedside reading lights have gone through a wonderful evolution from the original design. We worked alongside our client to adjust the design to fit perfectly with their purpose and aesthetic. They started out as bedside reading sconces with bendable arms. As the design changed, we added a custom weight in the bottom to allow for easy movement. They are halogen lights which lead to the need for a key on the shade as the brass gets warm when the light is on. The halogen casts a great light for reading whether it is at a desk or next to the bed. We work with every client to create the best design for their needs.